Abraceel is an association that defends free market competition as an instrument for the promotion of efficiency and security of supply in electricity, ethanol and natural gas areas, as well as for stimulating growth of carbon allowances trading.

The association works with society at large, opinion makers, government agencies, other organizations in the areas of electricity, ethanol, natural gas and allowances and economic agents in general, in order to: promote the discussion of freedom as a fundamental value and the competition as a means for promoting innovation and efficiency; discuss and disseminate the best practices and national and international experiences in the regulation and development of the energy markets; discuss and disseminate the best practices in power trading.
Furthermore, also defends the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework so that the free marketing can increasingly promote market efficiency for the benefit of society; defend the extension and consolidation of the free market of electricity, as well as the structuring of the natural gas market and consolidation of ethanol and carbon allowances markets; e keep its members informed about the evolution of the legal and institutional environment, seeking to identify potential threats and opportunities.

Abraceel - Brazilian Energy Traders Association - Development ZONAElétrica